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Group Workshops
Individual Therapy

Workshops enable you to benefit from a shared experience with a small number of participants. Whether you come alone or if a friend has booked with you, you are definitely going to have a rewarding time. The workshops are a relaxed and friendly environment and there is no pressure to contribute if you prefer to listen.  You will learn practical skills and will be guided through your own values and beliefs.  Our courses are more than the tips you find online - we bring the subject alive, make it real and specific to you, in ways that equip you to look at the topic in a completely different light.

Therapy is an opportunity to talk through issues in your life and enables you to make transformational changes.  Subject matter is your choice, it proceeds at your pace and is enriching and releasing.  Your therapist draws upon a range of techniques to skilfully guide you to discover things which were buried in your mind.  As you explore memories, events, hurts, thoughts, difficulties etc, the ultimate goal is to benefit from finding the strength within yourself to grow from the experience, to draw upon your inner resilience, to discover what’s really important in your life and to release your potential.