Mindful Solace aims to offer you empowerment, mastery over your mind, plus  skills to make adjustments in your life.  We will help you develop the ability to deal effectively with situations which you want to change. We will show you how to identify your objectives and work towards meeting them. Imagine what your life would be like as you discover and live within your values.

About Mindful Solace




What sets us apart from other providers is that we aim to reach out into the community to provide a premier experience and really make a difference.  Furthermore, we offer an exclusive combination of services, which are not available elsewhere within our immediate locality and are therefore able to offer you a bespoke service.  We give you a personal service to ensure you feel important. Our purpose is to empower you to develop a sense of mastery and equip you with skills to step into your future. We are experts in psychological and emotional wellbeing, so understand how to help you to make your chosen transformations in your life.

Mindful Solace offers an efficient, quality service, where you will be listened to, cared for and valued.  We guarantee to make your time with us count for something really worthwhile.  We deliver on value for money, as we equip you with the skills to make transformational changes and break through your internal barriers.  Our intention is to empower lives within our community, by helping you to achieve your goals and find the quality of life that you want.