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Individual and group therapy

We will help you feel great!

Welcome to Mindful Solace

Mindful Solace is based in Dorchester, Dorset. It is a wellbeing centre where you to explore your thoughts, settle your emotions, understand your values and feel good.  Some people prefer the individual option, completely designed around your personal needs.  Others prefer to come to a group on sleep or stress etc.  

Mindful Solace won a prestigious 

Dorset Venus Award

"Ali is passionate about enabling and equipping others. She is dedicated in supporting people to release their potential and master their success and well-being. She is committed to her work and enthusiastic about facilitating opportunities for growth." Tiger Lilly Nails (sponsor)

What’s On

Stress Buster Workshop


Saturday mornings


This course will enable you to embrace the stressors in your life better. You will be equipped to regulate your emotional state, understand the stories that run in your mind about the stressor and learn strategies to de-escalate the emotion. 


Want to QUIT SMOKING this month? 
Try hypnotherapy!


Special offer: 2 sessions for just £140. Bargain, when you think of what you'll save, once you're not smoking it anymore.




Meet Ali Dolphin - Director at Mindful Solace -

"Dreams are accessible and if we know our vision then we can work out how to achieve it. That is just such an exciting journey. "

Ali Dophin 


An extract from Ali's interview with Successful Women. You can listen to the interview in full below.